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Since 2004, «Aeroflex» Medical Rehabilitation Center is a leader in Medical industry in Armenia. The center carries out and implements projects and techniques aimed at the timely diagnosis, disease prevention, and cleansing recovery of the body, normalizing functional integrity of the body as a physical (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous system and metabolism) and emotional state. «Aeroflex» Medical Rehabilitation Center promotes a healthy lifestyle, trains people of different ages, professions, employment, helping them to make their preservation and restoration of health more efficient. «Aeroflex» Center has developed its own set of recovery complex for the body through a combination of ancient breathing and physical exercises, and also the center uses the latest technologies and scientific know-how, combined modern techniques of physiotherapy, massage, kinesitherapy, SPA procedures, physiotherapy, and hardware detoxification of the body.

Thus, «Aeroflex» Medical Rehabilitation Center performes the following procedures:

  • Respiratory exceptional therapeutic exercises
  • Detection and cleanup of parasites and toxins.
  • Massages (classical, thearpeutic, relax, anti-cellulite).
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Non-invasive functional tests/diagnosis
  • The newest hardware methods.

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"I would like to say that it is rare to find such sincere, competent staff, such as "Aeroflex" Rehabilitation Center has, headed by Armine Grigoryan who are very kind and approachable to every patient."

- Zemfira Ayvazyan

"I am very grateful to all the crew of the Aeroflex Rehabilitation Center. They brought me back my faith in medicine. I want all Armenians to be restored at "Aeroflex" Center and come back to life."

- Gohar Grigoryan

"When I came to "Aeroflex" I was very weak, I had strong headaches. However, the warm attitude that I received during the 21-day course of treatment from all the staff brought me to life again. Now I can fully breathe, smile, and take care of my family. Thank you."

- Armine Aslanyan

"I am visiting Aeroflex for the 2nd year. I am very grateful to all medical staff for a very high attention to all visitors, also they have very attentive and dedicated coaches. Thanks to everyone !!!"

- Ohanyan Meri

"My son had some serious health problems. After a month of attending "Aeroflex" medical center, we registered a lot of positive changes. Thank you."

- Karlen Stepanyan

"Maybe they are the only medical clinic in Armenia, who can clean your organism from all types of parasites and toxic substances"

- Gurgen Exiazaryan

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Armine Grigoryan



Nelli Muradyan

Main Therapist


Shushanik Torosyan



Nvard Yetaryan



Arkadi Tumanyan



Armine Mkhitaryan



Liana Grigoryan



Meri Teimyan


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