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«Aeroflex» Medical Rehabilitation Center for more than 14 years, is a leader in Medical industry in Armenia. The center carries out and implements projects and techniques aimed at the timely diagnosis, disease prevention, and cleansing recovery of the body, normalizing functional integrity of the body as a physical (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous system and metabolism) and emotional state.

«Aeroflex» Medical Rehabilitation Center promotes a healthy lifestyle, trains people of different ages, professions, employment, helping them to make their preservation and restoration of health more efficient. «Aeroflex» Center has developed its own set of recovery complex for the body through a combination of ancient breathing and physical exercises, and also the center uses the latest technologies and scientific know-how, combined modern techniques of physiotherapy, massage, kinesitherapy, SPA procedures, physiotherapy, and hardware detoxification of the body.

Thus, «Aeroflex» Medical Rehabilitation Center performes the following procedures:

- Respiratory exceptional therapeutic exercises

- Detection and cleanup of parasites and toxins

- Massages (classical, thearpeutic, relax, anti-cellulite)

- Rehabilitation therapy

- Non-invasive functional tests/diagnosis

- The newest hardware methods.


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